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Software captures bankruptcy case data directly from source with direct input into pleadings and documentation.

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Assure high-quality legal services that save time and money for our portfolio of clients.

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Legal technology and experienced bankruptcy lawyers together mitigate the risk of errors. 

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Real-time dashboards with KPIs & CTQs in compliance with clients’ legal requirements. 

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Our services

AIS Law, LLP is a Washington, D.C. based creditors’ rights firm that offers default legal services on a national scale.

This includes Proofs of Claim, Motions for Relief, Plan Objections, Transfers of Claim, Notices of Payment Change, Post-Petition Fee Notices, Reaffirmation Agreements, and Responses to Final Cure, as well as other non-bankruptcy default services.

Our law firm utilizes our proprietary Legal Trac software, designed specifically to capture bankruptcy case data right from the source with direct input into pleadings and documentation.

This, in turn, aids in lowering costs, reducing cycle time and producing a high quality legal solutions for our clients.


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Lower Cost

Average 30% cost savings on legal services
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Higher Quality

Maintain a 99% post-fling quality score
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Faster Delivery

File as soon as 4 days from file receipt