Intelligent automation that guides the AIS Law process.

AIS Law LLP has re-engineered traditional bankruptcy legal processes, incorporating new technology and automation to reduce cycle times and improve controls and compliance. 

AIS Legal Trac is a web-based application with built-in workflows and court document generation tools that guides the court filing process from start to finish. 

Designed with our clients and attorneys in mind, this bankruptcy software  drives the preparation and filing process for Motions for Relief and Plan Objections.

Legal Trac sets AIS Law  LLP apart by expediting the bankruptcy legal process, increasing quality controls, and bringing clear visibility into legal performance.

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Our proprietary bankruptcy software, AIS Legal Trac, drives the preparation and filing process for Motions for Relief and Plan Objections. Legal Trac makes the quality of the legal work consistent and removes variability.


When an assignment is placed, all required information is systemically pulled from AIS’s proprietary bankruptcy database and system of record. This includes details on the bankruptcy case regarding the debtor, trustee, their respective counsel, payments to be made and the status of the collateral. 


The system also accommodates affidavits or declarations, simplifying the process and providing complete version control. Clients log in to their dedicated dashboard to download the document, review and sign it and upload it back into Legal Trac.


This information is then used to systemically generate the requisite documents needed to file the pleading with the court.  All assignments are then pushed into attorney work queues for review and filing.


Attorneys access Legal Trac, our proprietary bankruptcy software, work queues to substantiate the information and required documents, systemically generate the pleading to comply with federal and local rules, and file directly with the court. 


Throughout the process, clients need never speculate about the status of a assignment or an action taken. Updates, progress and outcomes are captured within Legal Trac and the reporting is available to view in customized online dashboards. 


Creates documents for retained counsel’s direct filing with the court.

Allows for complete version control when Affidavits are required.

Attorney calendaring capabilities for setting hearing dates to help expedite the process.

Dashboard reporting brings complete visibility to law firm performance. 


Our team is revolutionizing the way law is practiced by blending personalized service with cutting-edge technology.